Weekly AI and NLP News — April 3rd 2023

The Twitter Algorithm, a Letter to Pause AI, and OpenAI History

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📚 Guides From The Web

  • labml.ai Annotated PyTorch Paper Implementations. Labml.ai has PyTorch paper implementations with explanatory notes, neural network & other related algorithms, updated regularly.

  • Open Stanford Course on Large Language Models. Stanford's CS324 focuses on large language models' fundamentals and practical applications. Students get hands-on exp with GPT-3/BERT models, ethical/scalability challenges covered.

  • Malleable software in the age of LLMs. The power of Large language models: LLMs (like GPT-4) mean anyone might soon author code & LLMs will revolutionize tool support for end-user programming.

  • Superhuman: What can AI do in 30 minutes? AI was used to create a marketing campaign in just 30 mins. It conducted market research, created a website and social media campaign, plus more. Its potential and disruption were discussed.

  • Not Boring, by Packy McCormick. OpenAI is becoming a significant tech position and business model, with millions of users on its new interface. It may become an aggregator and platform.

🔬 Interesting Papers and Repositories

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