Weekly AI and NLP News — May 16th 2023

100k tokens context windows, PaLM 2, and multimodal AI with six modalities

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  • InstructBLIP: Towards General-purpose Vision-Language Models with Instruction Tuning. The authors conduct a systematic and comprehensive study on vision-language instruction tuning based on the pre-trained BLIP-2 models The resulting InstructBLIP models achieve state-of-the-art zero-shot performance across all 13 held-out datasets, substantially outperforming BLIP-2 and the larger Flamingo.

  • Augmented Large Language Models with Parametric Knowledge Guiding. The authors propose a novel Parametric Knowledge Guiding (PKG) framework, which equips LLMs with a knowledge-guiding module to access relevant knowledge at runtime without altering the LLMs' parameters.

  • Active Retrieval Augmented Generation. The authors propose Forward-Looking Active REtrieval augmented generation (FLARE), a generic retrieval-augmented generation method which generates articles/overviews by iteratively using a prediction of the upcoming sentence to anticipate future content, which is then utilized as a query to retrieve relevant documents to regenerate the sentence if it contains low-confidence tokens.

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